It is a translation company founded in October 2008 by Dolors Selis i Masnou.


  • Translation
  • Sworn translation English/Spanish and Catalan/Spanish.
  • Translation of all kind of texts, both general and specialized mainly in the fields of law, social sciences and humanities, and education.
  • Translation by native speakers professsional translators.
  • Transcript
  • Of audio and video files
  • Linguistic mediation for business
  • Translation and writing or commercial emails, letters.
  • Telephone interpreting.
  • Interpreting in meetings.
  • If you are a company or an institution usually in need of translations services or other amongst the ones above, please contact us. We have special prices and conditions for on-going projects
  • Please send an email or telephone.


  • e-mail:
  • telephone: (+34) 972 47 36 10 // (+34) 687 56 90 13
  • Address: Veïnat de Can Bells, s/n, bústia 15, 17185 Vilobí d’Onyar (Girona)



It’s one year now since I set up as a freelance translator. I would not say, in the light of the results, that this has been a fruitful year in terms of economic results, and, however, it has proved so in terms self-satisfaction, because it has allowed me to feel the happiness of knowing I was doing -may be even ‘well’- what I like the most.

I do not think that any of those who work as freelance translators believe that this is a job to become rich. In fact, if we consider the time spent on one word that does not let us sleep, the effort to learn every time a new project comes up and we are aware that a superficial knowledge is not enough to deliver a good target text, and, last but not least, the need of accomplishing with deadlines with enough advance so we can face any difficulties that may come up, we have got several reasons to question whether the profession is worth the effort. And, paradoxically, we freelance translators, do not usually give up. This is because we like our job and because we are proud of being responsible for what we do.

For all the above said, and despite some days with not even a single “translation order” and some negotiations without an effective result, I cannot finish this post without expressing my thankfulness to all those who have given me the chance of going forward and making my way in a profession I love.

Thank you!

*Translator’s note: I am aware this is not a commercial message, but a personal one, maybe too personal. To other translators reading this post, I would like to ask to excuse me if it is, and to understand that I do not intend anything but offering a strictly personal view based on my own experience throughout a year with  both good and bad times, but that, above all, has taught me that ‘giving up’ is the last option.



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